Summer Enrollment Projections

Your summer on and off-campus enrollment planning have been submitted as part of your 5-year plan through the Office of Institutional Research and Planning. Therefore your FY21 projections should include enrollment projections for classes starting July 1, 2021 or later, and Summer 2021 classes starting before July 1, 2021. This will be submitted as part of your Fiscal Year 2020—2025 Enrollment Worksheets during the October budget cycle.

The teaching of summer courses in a compressed format requires that our faculty pay special attention to the time bands enclosed in this call to ensure that direct instructional hours and independent work meet the minimum federal requirements and the requirements of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Faculty may also reference the policy on the Provost’s website and the summer faculty page.

As always, we are appreciative of your efforts to support our students and we look forward to discussing ways to support your summer programs.

Academic schedule planning should include core offerings for face-to-face and online courses. You will receive summer planning data including the 5-year Enrollment History of core summer offerings, the Academic Year High Demand Course Report and the DFW Course Report (which show undergraduate courses with high failure or withdrawal rates) to guide your decisions. Included in the enrollment history reports will be faculty summer appointment information to assist you in assessing instructional costs as it relates to enrollments. This will be especially important in assessing your cancellation thresholds and costs of low enrolled courses.

Special Program Projections
Special programs include courses such as Summer Institutes and Short-Term Abroad Programs that are supported by Summer and Non-Degree Programs and the Office for Study Abroad, respectively.

Projections for Summer Institutes and Short-Term Abroad programs, as well as funding for these courses, will be jointly negotiated by the coordinating administrative office, the department and school proposing such programs. Special program projections once finalized should be included in your final submission to Institutional Research and Planning. The 5-year Enrollment History will include data on previous offerings. See the planning calendar for due dates.

Summer enrollment projections will be part of the general call for enrollment projections in October. Schools will receive a 3-year history with summer broken out by fiscal year in the general call for projections in October. There will be data for undergraduate and graduate for both, "on campus" and "online on campus." Therefore, summer projections will include Summer 2020 courses that begin July 1 or later and projected enrollments for Summer courses that start before July 1, 2021. IRP will send the Fiscal Year 2021—2025 Enrollment Worksheets to schools according to the timeline in the planning calendar. That information should also be available in the FMT enrollment utility.

On- and off-campus summer enrollments are to be included in the FMT enrollment utility (not in the 5-year enrollment whole summer report as in previous years) and be submitted by November 16, 2020.

You can review your projections versus actual numbers on the Summer Enrollment Dashboard. The dashboard tracks on and off campus registered credit hours to prior year and to budgeted projections. Provost, deans, enrollment managers, and finance teams can utilize the dashboard to confirm their projections and forecasts. You can request access to the dashboard via a Remedy Help Desk Incident ticket assigned to BIS.