GW summer courses are open to current GW students, visiting students and professionals.

Students may take a maximum of 6 credits per session, for a total of 12 credits per summer. Permission to take more than 6 credits per session must be obtained from the student's advising office. Any holds on your account must be cleared prior to registration.

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Current GW Students graphic

Current GW Students

We encourage you to consult with your advisor prior to making course selections.

In addition to on-campus course offerings, some online courses, summer abroad programs and summer institutes may satisfy major requirements.

Register for summer courses using the GWeb Information System or review additional details about summer registration from the Office of the Registrar.

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Visiting Students

Visiting (non-degree) students and professionals are eligible to take GW summer courses, but must first apply as a non-degree student.

Once the registration period is open and you are enrolled as a non-degree student, you may use your GWID to register for summer courses through the GWeb Information System.

Visiting students are advised to check home institution policies concerning the transferability of GW course credits before registering. If your home institution requires a syllabus to transfer a course, please contact the department in which the course is offered.

Review additional details about summer registration from the Office of the Registrar.

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Consortium Students

GW degree students interested in summer courses at a consortium school must enroll through GW to receive credit at GW.

Exceptions must be made in advance by the student's dean's office.

All consortium registration requests and program adjustments (Add/Drop) must be processed in person through the Office of the Registrar.

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High School Students

High school students must first be accepted to the Pre-College Program, and will then be contacted with registration instructions.

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International Students

International visiting students must first be accepted to International Summer, and will then be contacted with registration instructions.

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Register for a Summer Institute

Undergraduate students, graduate students, visiting students and professionals are invited to register. Eligibility, coursework, cost, registration dates and procedures, and other information varies per institute.

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Apply to Short-Term Abroad

Students participating in these programs will need to apply via the Office for Study Abroad. Once accepted, all registration and other program requirements will also be conducted through this office.

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