Admitted Pre-College Students

Congratulations and welcome to the Pre-College Program! We hope you will join us for an exciting summer of academic exploration in the nation's capital.

Enrollment Materials

To prepare for arrival, students & parents should thoroughly review the GW Pre-College Pre-Departure Guide (PDF).

Please note, enrollment documents contain abbreviated university policies. All students and parents should reference the Guide to Student Rights and Responsibilities for a comprehensive breakdown of university policies. Students attending programs with F-1 sponsorship from GW will be automatically enrolled in GW's Health Insurance Policy.

College Intensive

Once admitted, College Intensive students must submit a nonrefundable $500 per course deposit, along with a completed enrollment packet (PDF).

Online students will need to complete the College Intensive Online Enrollment Packet (PDF), as well as review the orientation slideshow (PDF). Students may scan or mail the completed packet to our office.

For Caminos al Futuro students and parents, the enrollment forms plus additional parent information is available in Spanish (PDF).

6-Week College Intensive students will need to coordinate with our office to register for their courses.

Summer Immersion

Once admitted, Summer Immersion students must submit a nonrefundable $500 per course deposit, along with a completed enrollment packet (PDF).  Students may scan or mail the completed packet to our office.

International Students

Along with submitting their enrollment packets, international students should also review the Insurance Guidelines for International Visiting Students (PDF) to ensure that they will have adequate coverage while in the United States.

Commuter Students

Students who choose not to stay on campus during the duration of the program will need to complete the Commuter Student Form (PDF).

Special Request Forms

We have limited availability for international students traveling from considerable distance to come early and/or arrive late. The dates are pre-determined by the Pre-College Director, and interested students must submit a completed Early Arrival/Late Departure Form (PDF) to our office prior to arrival. See the individual tuition pages for fees.

Students requesting to spend nights away from campus during evenings and weekends must have written permission from a parent or guardian via the Special Request and Overnight Leave Form (PDF). Requests for permission must be submitted to at least 72 hours in advance, during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. Any requests conflicting with required academic programs will not be approved. The Pre-College Program retains final authority on leave requests.

Students who wish to use the West Hall Fitness Center will need to submit a completed waiver (PDF).

Paying Your Bill

Payment for the GW Pre-College Program can be made using our online system, as well as check or wire transfer. Please pay attention to specific deadlines to ensure that your payment is received on time. See all payment options.

Extra Spending Money

Students are welcome to bring extra spending money to the program to use at their discretion for the duration of their program. See common student costs.

Transportation Costs

Students travel to many of their site visits via the D.C. Metro system. A SmarTrip metro card will be needed in order to cover these costs. Review instructions for ordering a SmarTrip card.

Mail Services

Students can receive mail and packages for the duration of the program. Get more information on mail options.

Health & Safety Resources

Students’ health and safety is extremely important to us. Students and their parents should carefully review health and safety information before arriving to campus.

What to Expect

Along with reviewing the GW Pre-College Pre-Departure Guide (PDF), students and parents can learn more about campus life, living in D.C., student resources and more on our Student Resources & Activities page.