General Study Program

In this program, you can build your own schedule of classes according to your interests. You will have the ability to select your courses from more than 650 undergraduate and graduate options. Once you are admitted, our full-time advisor will work with you to select courses that are appropriate for your major and academic background.

In addition to coursework, you will participate in weekly professional development programs and activities that will introduce you to U.S. culture and higher education.    


Choosing a Course

Visit the schedule of classes to explore the types of courses offered.

When selecting a course, keep in mind:

  • Certain courses may not be available to visiting students, such as courses in the Milken School of Public Health or GW’s Law School. Other courses may be restricted by major so please read the notes below each course to find out more.

  • The course numbering system provides details about course categorization.

  • Students with TOEFL scores between 550 and 600 are strongly encouraged to take an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course.

For questions about International Summer, please contact [email protected].