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One-week programs (residential only)

Summer Immersion is a full-day, rigorous noncredit program for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. Participants enroll in programs that integrate lectures with experiential and applied activities. Students expand and deepen their knowledge of a topic through collaborative learning and an exploration of the diverse intellectual and cultural resources of Washington, D.C.

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All course offerings are subject to change or cancellation.

Students volunteering at the Capital Food Bank

Service Learning & Community Leadership

An "A" with a line marked through it Noncredit

the number one One-week program

icon of a calendar  June 24—29, 2018

A healthy community and democracy requires visionary leaders who can help solve the issues that their community is facing. In this course, students will develop their leadership skills to engage key stakeholders, and create strategies that reflect social responsibility. Students will learn best practices in implementing positive change in their communities. 

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LinkedIn Self: Developing Your Personal Brand

The letter A with a line through it Noncredit

The number one One-week program

calendar icon  June 24—29, 2018

Branding is no longer only for major public companies. Personal brand is the digital footprint which describes your values, skills and personality. In the age of technology, building a personal brand is critical to your career development in every stage of your life. In this course, you will begin to audit your online presence, build your platform, understand your values and skills as you engineer your personal brand. 


Natural Disasters: Environmental Impact

An "A" with a line marked through it Noncredit

the number one One-week program

calendar icon  June 24—29, 2018

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and the wild fires that burned entire neighborhoods in California wreaked havoc and cost billions in damage. What underlies these phenomena? This course will examine the causes and effects of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, flooding and other severe weather-related events—particularly those related to climate change and global warming. Students will have the opportunity to learn about agencies focused on the environment.

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Watching the Watchers: Modern Surveillance


The letter "A" with a line marked through it Noncredit

the number one One-week program

Calendar Icon  June 24—29, 2018

In the age of technology, private companies and government organizations are constantly profiling personal data to learn who people are to promote their interests. In this course, students will explore the different theories of policing and investigate the systems of surveillance that occur within their own circle (family, friends, community and government). This course extends beyond the privacy vs. security debate and explores different ways ordinary citizens can deconstruct these systems.

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