Faculty Proposals

Thank you for your interest in proposing a summer program. We are here to support schools and faculty in providing academically engaging opportunities for students who wish to continue their studies through any part of summer. We value your dedication to teaching and welcome your innovative ideas for programs that enhance the student experience.

We serve primarily to support the university’s enrollment and retention initiatives through summer and special programs that engage visiting, incoming and matriculated students. Our office articulates summer policies, promotes summer offerings and coordinates summer planning. We also partner with faculty and departments to promote collaboration and innovative programs which serve our students, leverage GW’s strengths and further our institutional mission.

Our office coordinates and plans summer sessions with all schools, with the exception of off-campus programs, and the medical and law schools. We are also responsible for managing special and non-degree programs such as the Pre-College ProgramInternational Summer and Summer Institutes. The Office for Study Abroad manages Short Term Abroad Programs and the Corcoran School of the Arts and Designs manages the Corcoran Continuing Education Program.

Any faculty interested in proposing a program should refer to the summer guidelines referenced in the Policies, Procedures and Guidelines to ensure compliance with university policy. Policies governing teaching loads and compensation during summer are included in the Faculty Handbook. Please reference section 2.5.3 in the Faculty Handbook


Propose a Summer Program

Photo from a study abroad in Asia

Short-Term Abroad Proposals

These courses combine classroom study with real-world experiences, allowing students to gain international insight on their field of study.

What our students are saying about Summer Institutes & Short-Term Abroad

Photo of Amishi Desai

"This program was beneficial in earning credit hours but also in gaining better connections with GW Psychology professors and helping students focus on their area of interest in the field. Due to the nature of the small class sizes, I felt confident in discussing my personal viewpoints about controversial topics in a professional and academic setting."

Amishi Desai, Health Promotion & Disease Prevention in Minority Communities Summer Institute

Lisa Stern

"I would recommend this institute to each and every student. Regardless of background, experience or degree sought, this course offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth and reflection. An amazing group of speakers and a superb teaching staff present topics, often avoided or difficult to discuss, but abundantly necessary for a life lived to its fullest."

Lisa Stern, Grief, Loss & Life Transitions Summer Institute

Laura Bolsevic

"Between the historical and religious tours, to the individual speakers and the experience they bring with them to discussions - this short-term abroad gave me a large picture of how complicated, sometimes difficult, and yet fascinating the part of the world Israel is situated in is. I can confidently say that it was definitely worth my time and money - I wish there were more offered for my specific graduate program so I could take another course next summer!"

Laura Bolsevic, Short-Term Abroad: Tel Aviv

Photo of Kevin Frey

"I highly recommend this program. The Baltic States are a part of the world often over looked, but are both musically and politically fascinating. Meeting groups like the Latvian Voices as well as performing in many beautiful historic churches were true highlights and made the trip quite memorable. Many of the places visited - especially Estonia - were remarkably beautiful."

Kevin Frey, Short-Term Abroad: The Baltics