GW Summer Response to COVID-19


As the University continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision to protect public health and minimize risk will be our top priority. Based on the continuing impact of COVID-19, among other considerations, courses for Summer 2021 will continue with mainly a virtual operating status. A complete list of courses across disciplines for Summer 2021 can be found on the Registrar site.

While we hope to bring back these programs in the future, the Pre-College and International Summer Programs have been discontinued for Summer 2021. Visiting students may enroll in GW summer courses as non-degree students. Please visit the

Non-Degree website for more information.

Additional information on the University's COVID response can be found on the Campus Advisories website.

English for Academic Purposes

For Visiting International Students

Visiting International students sitting in a classroom



Summer Visiting International Students

Online summer English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are a good option for international students interested in developing academic writing, research and communication skills. In Summer 2021, you can apply to be a non-degree student through the Office of Non-Degree Students to take an online EAP course.

EAP Course Dates: Summer Session II: June 28-August 7, 2021

Tuition & Fees

See special summer tuition rates for EAP students.