A Pre-College student in a painting class

Pre-College arts courses come in a variety of topics, ranging from digital arts to traditional painting and drawing.

GW leans on the long tradition of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design’s creative and inspired scholarship, along with their academically robust programs in the arts, to create dynamic and challenging courses for visiting high school students.

All course offerings are subject to cancellation.

College Intensive

Corcoran Studio Experience

For Credit

3-Week Session: July 2—21, 2017

Course Overview

This intensive studio course introduces aspiring artists to the discipline of research and studio practice in the visual arts. The final project will involve creative & critical thinking, writing, and the visual expression of a research-based project. Participants will hone their artistic creative skills as they prepare a portfolio for presentation to an admissions committee.

Students in this course will be required to pay an additional lab/supply fee.

Additional Application Requirements

On the application, you will be asked to send between 5-8 images that showcase your work to Your images should be in jpeg form, 300 dpi, no larger than 900 pixels or 8MB. With each image please include title, dimensions, medium and a short description of the work. It may be necessary to send one image at a time.

Photo of pre-college student in painting class

MUS 1104: Topics in Music: D.C. in the History of Punk Music

For Credit

6-Week Session: July 2—August 15, 2017

Course Overview

Rotating set of special topics lectures, including topics on American music and musical life in Washington, D.C.

AMST 1070: The American Cinema

For Credit

6-Week Online Session I: May 22 - July 1, 2017

Course Overview

History and criticism of American films. The course enables the student to recognize and evaluate cinema techniques, to express the evaluation clearly in writing, and to understand the role of films in the context of American culture. Laboratory fee.

PHIL 1062: Philosophy & Film

For Credit

6-Week Online Session I: May 22—July 1, 2017

Course Overview

Philosophical problems and theories of perception, meaning, personal identity and moral agency and their illustration in the context of cinema. Cinema and its derivatives (TV, video) as prime routes to experience of the natural and social.

TRDA 2191W: Dance History

For Credit

6-Week Online Session II: July 5—August 15, 2017

Course Overview

The history of Western theatrical dance from the late 18th century to the present. The major choreographers and their dance works through readings, lectures, video and discussion.

Summer Immersion

Corcoran Arts: Photojournalism: Media in Focus


Session I: July 2—14, 2017

Course Overview

Students explore the power of photography to capture and explain the socio-cultural, historic and political events that shape the world.

Photo of students taking photos

Corcoran Arts: Graphic Design


Session II: July 16—28, 2017

Course Overview

This course is an introduction to design fundamentals and digital software tools. Students are introduced to type and image to design projects that focus on image-making and visual communication strategies.

Students in this course will be required to bring a flash drive with at least 8 GB of storage available.

Photo of student doing graphic design work on a Mac

Corcoran Arts: Painting & Drawing


Session III: July 30—August 11, 2017

Course Overview

Working from observation and experimenting with abstraction, students will learn painting and drawing fundamentals and the basics of color theory and composition.

Students in this course will be required to pay an additional lab/supply fee of $50.

Photo of student drawing in the Corcoran Flagg building