Incoming Students

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Welcome Class of 2022 - a journey that begins at GW this summer!

D.C. area residents experience the nation’s capital city in a way that most other GW students do not. We are excited about the contributions you will make to the GW community and beyond. Through Summer Academy, you will acclimate to college life by engaging in academic and social pursuits before the rest of the class enters campus in the fall.

Summer Academy: Explained

Timing: Summer Session II (July 1-August 10, 2019)

Course: Students will work with the program to enroll in a course that satisfies a graduation requirement. The course will be determined by the student’s intended major or area of interest.

Seminar & Success Coaching: In weekly group and individual settings, Summer Academy participants build successful habits and learn how to navigate college life. Students will hone their academic skills, develop leadership potential, and build connections to the GW community as they prepare for their first year at GW.

Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction: Each student will have access to tutoring and additional campus resources to ensure success in the summer course and beyond.

Housing: Funding for campus residency during the summer is not provided for local GW Summer Academy participants.


The costs of the course, course materials, weekly seminar, individualized coaching, tutoring, and supplemental instruction will be covered by the program. Students will be responsible for food and travel costs to and from campus.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have questions about the program.