Pre-College One-Week Summer Exposure

Noncredit program for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors

The Pre-College One-Week Summer Exposure program is a full-day, noncredit program for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors (ages 14-17). Participants enroll in a 1 week program that integrates lectures with guest speakers, experiential and applied activities. Introducting students to a collegiate academic experience, students begin deepening their knowledge of a topic through collaborative learning and an exploration of the diverse intellectual and cultural resources of Washington, D.C.

For students who wish to have an immersive 2-week college experience, see the Summer Immersion program. 

For students who wish to explore credit bearing options, see the College Intensive program.

Session Dates and Courses

The Pre-College One-Week Summer Exposure program is offered for only one 1 week session. Three distinct courses are offered during this period. Any Pre-College One-Week Summer Exposure student who also enrolls in one or more Summer Immersion session will receive a 15% tuition discount.

Student and Course Assistant looking over a computer

Cybersecurity: Exploring Risks and Unlocking Solutions

Non-credit bearing academic class icon  Noncredit

One-week course icon  One-week program

 Calendar Icon  July 14—19, 2019

People shop, play, work, and socialize online - in fact, our modern lives are online. This course explores cybersecurity and privacy issues impacting individuals, businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Students will explore a basic understanding of business, management, legal, technical, and ethical issues and challenges faced in our contemporary times. Topics of discussion include medical device privacy, social privacy, data breaches, and online scams. Students will grapple with questions like: Can someone else use my private pictures without permission? What can I do to protect my identity from being stolen? all while engaging in creative projects, meeting with industry professionals, and visiting government agencies. 

Digital marketing students at the computer lab

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Non-credit bearing academic class icon  Noncredit

One-week course icon  One-week program

 Calendar Icon  July 14—19, 2019

How does a company sell a product or create their brand? In this course, students will grapple with the social, cultural, and psychological factors that influence consumer behaviors. Through acquiring skills of market research, students will analyze models of buyer behavior and consumption patterns to desire their own marketing project.

Social Justice Students on tour of the US Capitol Building

Social Justice and Activism

Non-credit bearing academic class icon  Noncredit

One-week course icon  One-week program

 Calendar Icon  July 14—19, 2019

Washington, D.C. is the heart of the legislative processes and social movements that influence structural, cultural and ideological change. This course introduces students to questions, opportunities and roadblocks faced by civic and global leaders while aiming to expand their leadership capacity teaching them to translate their values and ideas into action. Students explore topics such as grass root organization activism works by looking at Washington DC and how activism in DC and elsewhere has shaped social change.

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    Summer on Campus

    GW offers an unparalleled mix of intellectual and cultural resources that makes for a vibrant urban classroom experience. D.C. is home to national and international organizations, embassies and cultural institutions that create a wealth of public programs, exhibits and special events.

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One Week Summer Exposure Tuition & Fees

One Week Summer Exposure costs include program fees, supplies, room and board. Due to the short length of the program, only Residential options are available for students. Commuter options are only available for Summer Immersion and College Intensive Courses.

See One Week Summer Exposure tuition and fees
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International One Week Summer Exposure Students

GW invites international high school students to spend the summer in one of our many Pre-College course options. The Pre-College One Week Summer Exposure program is available to international students who are already in the U.S. on a visitor visa.

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See what Pre-College students are saying about our program

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  • Photo of Brandon A.
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  • Photo of Josh Y.

"I am so thankful to have had the amazing opportunity to attend this program at a prestigious institution. All my expectations were met above and beyond, and we were taught about not only the science of being a physician, but also the societal aspect. The exposure we got into what it’s like to be a medical student and work in the field was surreal, and an experience I’ll take with me for many years to come!"

Taraf J., Pre-College Alumna, Introduction to Medicine

"Before this course there was so much that I was unsure of, especially whether or not entrepreneurship was something I would really want to major in. However, I learned so much about entrepreneurship and how you really learn every aspect of business in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. Furthermore, the course itself taught me so much about finance and law... Our professor brought in tons of speakers, each of who were fantastic presenters and answered each and every question a student had. By far the best speakers taught me things that will help me throughout college and even into my later life."

Brandon A. , Pre-College Alumnus, Entrepreneurship: Startups & Incubators

"This program has really shown me what it’s like to be a college student and has allowed me to study the subjects I’m interested in. I gained a wealth of knowledge through this experience about forensics and about campus life, which is an awesome bonus! I’m eager to take what I have learned from my class and the program as a whole as I continue on throughout my college application, academic experience and on to real world situations."

Eileen B., Pre-College Alumna, Crime Scene Investigation

"As a whole, the GW Pre college program provided a unique experience for me in that it was not just a summer class, but a great community I will never forget!  I felt very challenged during my course, took away a lot of important information, skills, and experiences such as visiting the National Department of Transportation! My expectations were beyond exceeded, and my time learning, exploring, and making new friends was well worth my last summer preparing for college."

Josh Y., Pre-College Alumnus, Introduction to Engineering