One Week Summer Exposure Tuition & Fees

2019 Program Costs

Pre-College One Week Summer Exposure program is an introductory, residential only program that allows students to increase knowledge on a specific topic. For credit options, see the College Intensive page.

Some courses may require additional supplies not provided by GW. Please see individual course info for details. Also see our list of incidental student expenses for information on additional costs.


Residential Students

Due to the short length of this program, only the residential option is available for students. Students who wish to commute to campus can explore our Summer Immersion program

  • One-Week Session: $2,000



Pre-College students who attend One Week Summer Exposure and 1 or more two-week Summer Immersion sessions will receive a 15% discount:

Multiple Course Discount

  • Summer Exposure + 1 two-week Summer Immersion session: $4,079.15
  • Summer Exposure + 2 two-week Summer Immersion sessions: $5,122.10

The multiple course discount totals include an additional charge to cover the days in between sessions. All residential rates include tuition, program fee, supplies, room and board.

Early Arrival/Late Departure

Pre-College students who decide to arrive at least one day early or depart at least one day later from their program will incur the additional charges (prior approval is required):

  • Early Arrival: $135.46
  • Late Departure: $122.46

Program Deposit

Upon admission, a non-refundable $500 per course deposit is required to secure your place in the program. The deposit is applied toward tuition, while the remaining balance is billed by the university and will be due in full prior to arrival. Review the process for accessing and paying your bill.

Refund Policy

Refunds are issued on the remaining balance (excluding the deposit) according to the policies below. Students who are dismissed from the program forfeit the right to a refund. For students participating in the One Week Summer Exposure program and one or more Summer Immersion session, refunds will only be applied if requested within the first 2 days of attending their first session.

  • Prior to program start date: 100% of balance
  • First 2 days of program: 85% of balance
  • Day 3-onward: No refund

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